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“If Nature-another name for God-didn't like risk-takers, we'd all still be single-celled organisms, swimming in the primordial soup. According to traditional theology, we were all created in the image and likeness of our Creator. Well then, shouldn't we act accordingly?” ~Tami Coyne and Karen Weisman
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Daily Words of the Budda
All tremble at punishment. Life is dear to all. Put yourself in the place of others; kill none nor have another killed.
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Recipe Builder
The Recipe Builder is a unique tool that allows youhomepage to create your very own liquid diet Zone balanced recipes or use any of the hundreds of Drink Your Meals provided recipes.


You can designate favorites, share your recipes with other members, email them, or save them for private use. Each recipe gives you the breakdown of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

You can adjust an existing recipe to add or change some of the ingredients. When you set up your profile you set your meal times to reflect your daily calorie requirements. You can set as many menu plans as you want from one day to thirty days and print your shopping list for each menu.

Start enjoying the many fresh unprocessed meals or create your own. Your body will thank you. Join Now!

Ask The Dietitian
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The Drink Your Meals Registered Dietitian is available to answer your questions. As a member you have access via email to answer any of your dietary, nutrition, or tubefeeding questions.


In today’s world it is hard to figure out the proper nutrition, what foods are best and which have the best nutrients.  The Drink Your Meals Registered Dietitian has reviewed all of the Drink Your Meals official recipes and can review recipes you create for nutrient balance.


Whether you want nutrient info, you’re a patient transitioning to tubefeeding or you’re looking for general advice, we can help. Join now and “Ask the Dietitian”.

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Are you tube Feeder?
Are you a Tubefeeder?
Do you have trouble swallowing?
Would you like an alternative to liquid diet canned formulas?
Use fresh unprocessed foods to provide the daily nutrition you need.
Do you have a g-tube, naso-tube or trouble swallowing? Are you tired of liquid diet canned formulas that are commercially processed? Would you like another option? Prime Meals made from one hundred percent fresh unprocessed foods?
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Access to more than 200 recipes created by Drink Your Meals
Create your own recipes using Recipe Builder
Share your recipes or keep them private
Create a Menu Plan 1-30 days using Menu Creator
Print shopping Lists
Questions? Use Ask the Dietitian to receive quick answers
Weight Progress Log
Zone Analyzer Tool
Body Fat Calculator
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Sample Recipes
Creamy & Nutty Flavor
Coming to a Blender near you!
A Cajun classic.
Velvety blend of Herbs & Salmon.

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